Tuesday, January 13, 2009


1912 – WATER RAT
1924 – WOOD RAT
1936 – FIRE RAT
1948 – EARTH RAT
1960 – METAL RAT
1972 – WATER RAT
1984 – WOOD RAT
1996 – FIRE RAT
2008 – EARTH RAT

Love family, charming character, social gatherings, easy to establish friendship, involve with community works, informative, intelligent, popular with groups, creative, intelligent and has great understanding of human nature, always trying to give good advice to people whom are in distress.

The Rat is an imaginative diligent hard working creature very observant at times, therefore can be defined as good journalists and writers and is never short of innovative ideas.
Good public relation personnel in the media circle, but sometimes lack of confidence which often prevent The Rat from securing the recognition it deserves.

Their skills are particularly appreciated during crisis, because The Rat has an incredibly strong sense of self preservation and always be able to find a way out at awkward situations with certain solutions.

It love to be where there is lot of action and if ever find in a very bureaucratic or restrictive environment, they can become a stickler for discipline and routine.
They seldom or rarely allow an opportunity pass by their path and used to be involved in many plans, ideas and schemes that sometimes squander their energies with very little results achieved. It also rather gullible and can be taken in by those less scrupulous than itself.

Rat character attitude towards money matters is very thrifty and appear to be a little mean but not all are the same, the pure reason is they want to keep its money within the family.
They are generous towards their partners, family, relatives, close friends and itself and often find it is impossible to deprive it of luxury items or objects that The Rat fancies.

The Rat is very acquisitive, can be a notorious hoarder, hates wastes and rarely prepares to throw anything away in the rubbish dump. Sometimes it can be greedy and will not refuse a good offer such as an invitation to a free meal or a complimentary ticket to a lavish function.

As mentioned earlier, they are socialist and a conversationalist, although they can occasionally be a little indiscreet. The Rat can be highly critical of others for an honest and unbiased opinion; they are superb critic and will likely use confidential information for their own advantage; and because they own such a bright and irresistible nature, most people tends to forgive them for their slight indiscretions.

Since the Rat likes social gatherings, they will make many friends, throughout their long and eventful life and is especially comparative to those born under their own sign, Ox, Dragon and Monkey. They also can get along well with person born under the sign of Tiger, Snake, Rooster, Dog and Pig, rather sensitive, critical and blunt towards Rabbit and Goat for their liking. Apart from other signs, The Rat and The Horse will find it difficult to get along well with each another because The Rat craves security but find The Horse’s changeable moods and rather independence nature a little unsettling.

The Rat is very family orientated, will offer anything to please their nearest or dearest, and is exceptionally loyal to their parents, for they themselves are very caring and lovingly parents. They usually take interest in their children activities and more than often like to have a large family gathering around them.

As for the female Rat, their character is kind, likes outgoing nature and used to be involve in multitude social activities, has a wide circle of friends, enjoys entertaining and is an attentive hostess. They are also conscientious about upkeep of their homes, have good taste in home furnishings and most supportive to other family members due to their resourceful, friendly and persevering nature, can do well in almost practically any career of their choice.

Although The Rat is essentially outgoing creature, they remain a private individual at times, use to keep their feelings to themselves, while he is not averse to learning what other people are doing, it resents anyone prying too closely into their private affairs, does not like solitude and if they are alone for a long time make them depressed easily.

Undoubtedly, the Rat is very talented, but sometimes failed to capitalise on their many capabilities, has the tendency to become involved in various plans, Ideas or schemes chasing too many opportunities at once.

Finally, if The Rat can do things step by step or concentrate one thing at a time, they usually end up very successful and if not wealth can elude them, but one thing for sure, that is with their tremendous ability to charm, friends always gather around them in times of need.